Planet X and the end of the world

By the time you read this, Saturday, September 23…well, you might not be reading this on Saturday if David Meade, a self-proclaimed “Christian numerologist”, is right. The world, according to Meade, will end on Saturday. Or, maybe, it will be just the beginning of the end. According to Meade’s calculations, a huge rogue planet, Nibiru or Planet X or Planet 9, will become visible from earth. It will speed through space on a collision course in a fulfillment of Biblical and ancient Egyptian prophecies and astute number crunching by Meade.

The world’s end has been predicted for centuries. Prophets of the end have included a few Popes, Christopher Columbus, Isaac Newton, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Rasputin, Sun Myung Moon and others. Remember the end of time predicted in 2000? A similar prediction was made for the year 1000 by Pope Sylvester II.

All the predictions, to this point, have ended in disappointment for those who spent their days in passionate preparation.

NASA scientists have repeatedly refuted the existence of a rogue planet headed toward the earth. Still, doomsday believers point to the recent solar eclipse, the earthquake in Mexico, multiple hurricanes and even a “blood moon” as signs of the end.

David Meade, the current prophet of doom, holds out that it is possible to survive the coming apocalypse without a problem. One simply needs to buy his book for about $12 in which he which outlines how to save yourself. One wonders why he is not giving it away as once the planet hits, money will have no value. If he is a good Christian, he should want to save as many of his fellow believers as possible.

I have never been one to stockpile dried foods, firewood, matches and other survival goods in an underground bunker. If the earth is struck by a huge, fiery red planet, why would I want to survive? A quick end might be a good thing. If one is a Christian who believes in heaven and eternal life, it seems illogical to worry about a sudden annihilation of all the earth. The Bible also tells us that no one knows when the end of the world will be. Not even the angels in heaven know. Besides, such a celestial collision would be completely out of our control. If Nibiru is headed towards us, we can’t stop it.

If Meade is right and the world will end either on Saturday or within the next month, what will I do in the meantime? The question is a good one to ponder. The end of this life could be Saturday for some of us. Life can change for each of us in the blink of an eye. How would I live if I knew I wouldn’t be here on Saturday night? What would I do differently?

I would not want to spend the rest of my life in fear of the end. I would go for a walk on this beautiful fall day. I would listen for the great blue heron and the sandhill cranes. I would notice the painted lady butterflies on the last blooms in the garden. I would tell my family members how much I love them. I would be grateful for the abundance of my life and I might give much of my stuff away. I would play my cello and try for one pure, beautiful note. I would eat good food, drink a little good wine, pet my cat. I would be kinder, more generous, more forgiving.

I might try to write something profoundly wise.

I don’t believe David Meade is right. I believe the earth will still be orbiting the sun next week. I have no reason to think I will not be along for the ride.

Even so, living as though Saturday may be the last day and at the same time planting trees for future generations might be a good idea.

© 2017 Janet Jacobson and Sustaining the Northern Plains