My new blog

A reader of my Cavalier County Republican column suggested that I post my writing on a blog. She said she would like to share some of my writing with her family. I’ve got to admit I am a little uneasy about this new way to publish my work. Writing a column for your hometown paper is a little like one of those dreams where you find yourself in a public place buck naked. It takes courage, especially in a small, rural community, to put your opinions right out there in the open.

I’ve written that newspaper column for more than eight years so I’m getting used to letting the world know what I’m thinking.

There are those, especially those who know me well, who think this is and never has been a problem for me. Still, every time something I have written is exposed to a new audience, I feel some anxiousness.

Oh, well, here goes. Look for my weekly column to appear here a week after it is published in the Cavalier County Republican. If you can’t wait for a week. Subscribe to the CCR. It’s really relatively inexpensive.